When we started PSA, we wanted to raise the bar for expectations of security services in Omaha. Our team had a combined 100+ years of experience in security, emergency management, and crisis response so we knew we would have a strong foundation. We were confident we could build the best security solutions, but we wanted our differentiation to come in how we delivered those solutions.

Because of this, it was crucial that we could hire and train the right people. Josh Kelley runs our training programs and he has an incredible knack for finding and developing talent. We now have such a strong team of skilled, dependable, and ethical security professionals.

In most security agencies, security employees are contract employees – they don’t have benefits and the company doesn’t take any liability for them. This creates a revolving door of employees who never quite master their roles. At PSA, we stand behind our people by making them true employees of our company. Against the urging of our financial advisers, we also insure and take liability for them. This, combined with other great benefits, means very little turnover.

What does it mean for you that our security officers are insured employees?
  • We take liability for our security officers. If there was an incident while we were on duty, our insurance would cover damages.
  • Because we are responsible for the actions of our officers, it is that much more important to us that they are ready for the jobs they are assigned. Our training ranges from 16 hours to 120 hours, depending on the assignment. Our officers do not work a job by themselves until they are certified in that area of expertise.
  • We take our armed guard assignments even more serious than other firms. The presence of weapons increases the liability for any situation and we take precautions to ensure our officers are prepared.
  • Just like you, we have a stake in preventing situations before they start. One of the most important skills we teach our employees is deescalation. Our officers can recognize the warning signs of a potential event and use advanced techniques to avoid conflict and violence. It may seem intuitive to slow down and use patience and empathy in these high-stress situations, but these skills are rarely taught or emphasized with other security firms.

Although it’s a costly investment to take liability and insure our employees, we know it makes us the best security solution in Omaha.